Maryann's Golden Roses Gwyneth "Molly"
Hungarian Junior Champion

  • World Dog Show 2013 Junior group-3rd Place
    World Dog Show 2013 Junior group-3rd Place
  • Sire: Noble Prince Blue Temptation

Dam: Winsome Doggies Ruby Cairo
    Sire: Noble Prince Blue Temptation Dam: Winsome Doggies Ruby Cairo

Molly is a white-red colored havanese from Hungary. She is a sweet calm dog who doesn't like to play in the crowd. She constantly desires attention and loves climbing into our laps. She is one of our most intelligent havanese, always listening for commands. She enjoys teaching the younger dogs how to behave around the house and watches over them while they play. She is a wonderful dog we are happy to have!


Born: 06/07/2012

Mother: Winsome Doggies Ruby Cairo (Hungarian Champion, Top Derby Havanese 2010)

Father: Noble Prince Blue Temptation (Interchampion, Havanese Dog of the year 2011)

Health tests: Patella:0/0 (2014) CERF: Clear

Show Results:

Puppy class:

Very promising, Excellent

Junior class:

7x Excellent, 4x HPJ(Hungarian Prima Junior),3x Best Junior, 1x Best of Breed, 1x Best Opposite Sex

2013 World Dog show: Junior age group 3. place!

Hungarian Junior Champion (By 12 months!)

Open class:

2x 1st place, 2x Reserve winner female

Giara vom Heppenheimer Schlossberg "Gigi"
German blood line

Giara is a very sweet dog from Germany. She always tries to please both the people and dogs around her. She loves sitting in people's lap and getting pampered. She enjoys running around the yard and playing outside with the other dogs. She is able to recognize how you are feeling and will try to cheer you up if you are sad. 

Born: 05/05/2015

Mother: Anevay vom Heppenheimer Schlossberg (Multichampion)

Father: Marqui Romeo de la belle Ile Rugen (Multichampion)

Health tests: Patella: 0/0 (2016) CERF: Clear

Show Results:

Puppy class:

     2x 1st place puppy, 1x Winners Female, 1x Reserve Female

Enchanted Pearls Flora

Flora is a very loving and sweet dog. She loves being in your lap and playing with her favorite reindeer toy. She loves this toy so much she takes it everywhere with her. She is a very calm, friendly and intelligent dog. She is happiest when she is with us and follows us everywhere we go. 

Born: 03/07/17

Mother: Leka Gyongye Greta

Father: Torcedore's Enamorado

Health Tests: Patella 0/0 (2018) CERF: Clear (2018)

Enchanted Pearls Holly "Holly"
Hungarian Junior Champion
Adult International Champion- IABCA
Puppy National and International Champion- IABCA

Holly is a very sweet and caring puppy. She is able to recognize your feelings very well and loves to make people happy. She is always playing with the other dogs and likes to make sure they are all doing well. She is best friends with Rosalie and they spend all day playing together. They even sleep next to each other. She enjoys going on trips and seeing the world.

Born: 07/26/17

Mother: Giara vom Heppenheimer Schlossberg

Father: Torcedore's Enamorado

Health Tests: Patella 0/0 (2019) Cardiac: Normal (2019)

Show Results: 

Puppy Class: 

      1x BOB 3x First Place Puppy

International All Breed Canine Association: 

      3x BOB Puppy 4x Excellent puppy 

      2x 1st puppy in Toy Group   1x 2nd puppy in Toy Group

      Puppy National and Puppy International Champion

Junior Class:


      2x BOS 3x HPJ (Hungarian Prima Junior) 3x Excellent 

      Hungarian Junior Champion 

World Dog Show 2018: 

      Participated in the World Dog Show 2018

Adult Class:

2x 1st place

International All Breed Canine Association: 

     4x BOB  4x Excellent adult

     4x Best bred by exhibitor Toy Group  4x 2nd in Toy Group

     International Champion

Queen vom Heppenheimer Schlossberg "Rosalie"
World Winner Minor Puppy (WDS-18)
Puppy National and International Champion- IABCA

Rosalie is our sweet puppy from Germany. She is a very calm and friendly puppy who loves to play. She enjoys meeting new people and going on walks outside. She loves to explore the world and see new things. Rosalie is usually playing with her best friend Holly or her little mouse. She is always very happy and puts a smile on your face. 

Born: 03/17/2018
Mother: Anna Sui von Havanna Centavos (Champion)
Father: Elrond vom Heppenheimer Schlossberg (Interchampion)
Health test: Patella 0/0 (2019) Cardiac: Normal (2019)
Show results:
Baby class:
World Dog Show 2018: Female Minor Puppy 1st place, Best Minor Puppy of the breed
International all breed canine association:
   4x excellent 4x 1st puppy toy group 1x Reserve Best in Show Puppy
   Puppy National and International Champion
US Shows:
6x first place 1x second place 2x Winner 3x Reserve Winner 1x BOB 1x Owner Handled Best of Breed