That's Starshine for Enchanted Pearls "Quincy"

Born: 05/15/2019

Mother: Thats's One Who Survived Nirvana (Grand Champion- GCH)

Father: Hashki Just Go With It (US: GCH, Australia: Sup CH, Canada: GCH)

Health Tests:

  • Cardiac: Normal (2020)
  • Patella: Normal grade 0/0 (2020) 
  • Thyroid- Normal (2020) 
  • DNA test- clear for all genetic diseases (2020)
  • Baer (Hearing)- Normal Bilateral Hearing (2020)

Show Results:


Puppy 4-6 months: Toy group 1 and Toy group 2 in his first two Shows!

Quincy has 6 points towards his champion title so far including a 5 point major!

Co- Owned Boys:

Enchanted Pearls King TKN "King" - Lives with Dora
Trick Dog Novice- AKC

  • My parents: Sunny and Molly
    My parents: Sunny and Molly

King is Daisy's littermate and lives with Dora. King is a wonderful boy who loves to be the center of attention. He is extremely loving and intelligent. He has lots of fun performing tricks and going on walks. He really enjoys playing with other dogs and getting to zoom around the yard. He also loves his toys and is known to collect them in his crate. 

Born: 09/02/2018

Mother: Maryann's Golden Roses Gwyneth ( HJCH)

Father: Torcedore's Enamorado

Health Tests:

  • Cardiac: Normal (2020)
  • Patella: 1/0 (2020)


  • AKC Novice Trick dog 

Királyerdei-Bársony Xavier- "Texas/ Finn"- Lives with Tammy

Born: 05/10/2020

Mother: Királyerdei-Bársony Khalessi

Father: Oro De Habana Freddy (HCH, HJCH)

Health Tests:

  • ~Coming soon~
Show Results:
~Coming soon~