Arborway's Golden Sky 
International Champion-IABCA

Sky is our lovely red boy from Boston. He is very playful and loving, always running around with a toy or in someones lap. He has quickly become friends with all the other dogs and is constantly by their side. He loves cuddling up to other dogs and sleeping close to his friends. He enjoys the company of the other dogs and is always looking for a playmate. 

Born: 11/11/16

Mother: Cubana's Buick Skylark 

Father: Baribal's Ironman (Champion)

Health Tests: Baer (Hearing) Normal Bilateral Hearing,  Patella 0/0 (2017), CERF: clear (2018) Cardiac: Normal (2018)

Show Results:

Junior group: 
    1x BOS 1x first 1x Second 2x Reserve Winner

Adult class:
International All Breed Canine Association:  
      4x BOB 4x Excellent  2x Toy Group 2nd place 
      International Champion

Enchanted Pearls Flin "Dante" - Co-Owned with Lisa 

Dante lives with his owner Lisa. He is a very calm and relaxed dog. 

Born: 03/07/17

Mother: Leka Gyongye Greta

Father: Torcedore's Enamorado

Health Tests: ~to come~

Show Results:  

Junior group:

    1x BOS 1x first place 1x Winner Dog 

At the World Dog Show:

    Benelux Show: Third Place Junior Male

    Specialty Show: Third Place Junior Male

Retired Male

Torcedore's Enamorado "Sunny"

Finn blood line

  • Sunny's mom Torcedore's Glamorosa
    Sunny's mom Torcedore's Glamorosa

Sunny is a very lovable boy who always wants to be near us. He is very sensitive, always trying to please us. Sunny loves to play in the yard and chase the others. He enjoys playing fetch and tires to be the first one who brings the toy back. He also loves going to dog shows and is always excited to see all the other dogs and receive lots of attention. 

Born: 12/29/13

Mother: Torcedore's Glamorosa  (C.I.B Nord CH FI CH SE CH DKK CH LT CH EE CH CZ CH LT WW13 EW14 FiW14)

Father: Bellazza's Poker Face (HeJW-10)

Health tests: Patella 0/0 (2016) 

Show Results:

Puppy group:

2x Excellent 1x First in group 1x Best Puppy 1x Second 1x Reserve winner 

Junior group:

4x Excellent 3x First in group 2x Winner Male 3x Best Junior Boy 1x Second 1x Reserve Winner  

At the World Dog Show 2015: Club show: Excellent, 4th place 

                                                   World Dog Show: Excellent 

Open class: 5x 1st in group 3x Winner Male  2x Reserve Winner Male