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My name is Marta 

My passion with Havanese started when I was a teenager. I fell in love with them at first sight. Havanese dogs are the most kind, friendly, playful dogs that I have ever met. When I first met with the Havanese, I was stunned and amused by their friendliness and kindness. I was afraid of dogs until I met a Havanese. When I was a child I would run across the street just to be far away from the upcoming dog. This was the only breed I was not scared of. Now I am a mother of three wonderful daughters. I had the same experience with my daughters of being afraid of dogs, so I decided that if I ever purchased a dog it had to be a Havanese. As time passed, my daughters got older and of course they started to beg to get a dog for ourselves. I promised them: one day they will get a puppy… So I had to keep my promise! I was afraid to purchase one, because I knew we will be responsible for this little one for a very longtime without any experience… but I started to look around. And I found our first puppy “Bubbles” atthe end of 2011 right before Christmas. So my first little Havanese was a big Christmas surprise for the girls. I won’t ever forget that night and the girls’ happiness! They loved our little puppy from the first night! I won’t say it was easy at the beginning! We had to learn many things from each other. We had to understand the signs of our puppy, and she had to learn our rules. Was it worth it? Yes, of course! Our life got a new meaning. This little Bubbles opened new doors and she gives us lots of joy and happiness in our life. Since then we’ve expanded our Havanese family and we are thrilled with our precious dogs .Our dogs are loved and they live with us as family members. My daughters and I love experiencing raising and taking care of the puppies and adult dogs. We enjoy going to dog shows with our dogs, traveling and training them. Our goal is to raise great quality, happy and healthy, beautiful Havanese, so we can improve andpreserve the breed.The dogs we use in our breeding program are selected by their temperament, health and pedigree.

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